About wool

Cashmere, lambswool, Geelong, and merino are all highly regarded types of wool, each with its own distinct qualities and characteristics.

Cashmere wool is considered the epitome of luxury and indulgence. It is derived from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats and is renowned for its unmatched softness, warmth, and lightweight feel. Cashmere is often associated with high-end fashion due to its exquisite texture and insulating properties.

Mur couvert de bobines de laine de différentes couleurs

Our knitwear

All our garments are manufactured in Scotland, the worldwide reference for top quality lambswool and cashmere knitwear.

Like many people today we feel concerned by the preservation of our planet and this is the reason why we have selected our manufacturing partners not only based on the quality of their production but also on their engagement in sustainability programs.